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Wouldn’t it be cool if…

When you’re going throughout your day sometimes you just can’t help but come up with random ideas for products, advertisements, and business concepts. We all do it. Imagine an ad for anti-aging cream that’s just a photo of a baby with cream all over and holding the product. That would be pretty funny. Or what about a restaurant that only served cereal? Pretty sure that already exists. Either way, I would totally eat there.

Mike and I are constantly coming up with all sorts of ideas. It’s actually how we got to working together a few years ago, just making cool things for the sake of making them. Obviously you can’t execute every idea that comes into your head. But sometimes it feels like you’re holding in a sneeze, so you just have to see it.

Our idea

I have been a Dollar Shave Club member since I was knee high to a grass hopper. Haha not really, but shortly after they started I signed up. I saw the value and loved the marketing they were doing. For the seven of you who haven’t heard of it, basically it’s a subscription model where you get razors sent to your mailbox every month for a fraction of the price of the big razor brands. So I was thinking how could you communicate the value of Dollar Shave Club in one simple print ad or poster?

Not sure the exact thought process or how I discovered that a wallet kinda looks like a moustache, but that’s not important. I put together a little sketch of it and showed Mike. We thought it was pretty cool so we decided to shoot it and put it together. It turned out pretty awesome. I mean, at least we think so.

We put it up on Ads of the World and it ended up getting picked up by a few other advertising websites and blogs. Eventually we got an email from the Creative Director at Dollar Shave Club. We were being sued… what a dramatic turn of events! Haha just kidding, we weren’t being sued. He just thought the idea was really cool and we talked back and forth for a bit. Turns out for legal reasons they couldn’t just take our work and run the ad without a big process. But that’s not the point, sometimes it’s fun to just make stuff because you love to do it.