One More Item

One More Item

The Challenge

Every year The Turkey Club is dedicated to providing Christmas turkey dinners to families in need through the Parker Street Food Bank. They operate with only volunteer help and don’t have much of a marketing budget. So the challenge was to create cost-effective awareness during the holidays and drive more donations to The Turkey Club.

The Idea

You know when you’re in the grocery store and someone has either dropped their shopping list, or left it in the cart? You can’t help but have a peek at what they were buying. So we used people’s curiosity to our advantage. We made fake shopping lists and left them in carts at select grocery stores. When they opened up the list, it revealed that adding only one more item to their list would mean everything to a family in need.

Client: The Turkey Club
Art Director: Stephen Flynn
Photographer: Mike Postma

Ice Awards Winner Ice Awards: Winner – Young Creatives 2015

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