Tap App

Tap App

The Challenge

Most people no longer buy into the whole natural spring, mountains, and trees on bottled water. The number one reason people drink bottled water is out of convenience. It’s available everywhere and there aren’t many other options if people need water on the go. Tap wants to change that. They’ve made a convenient and reliable alternative to bottled water on the go, in the form of an app.

TheĀ Approach

The Tap app allows users to find the closest place to refill their water bottle on the go. Tap partners with coffee shops, fast-casual restaurants, and other small businesses to create a reliable network of Refill Stations. Each partner has a profile on the app and happily welcomes users to refill their water bottle at their establishment. Businesses can sign up and build an app profile through the website and be live in minutes. If a user is in a city or location where there are no nearby refill stations, we use several public APIs to allow them to suggest good potential refill stations so they can help get Tap to their area faster.

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Client: Tap
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

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