Tap Website

Tap Website

The Challenge

Tap has a lot of moving parts and needed a website that clearly communicates them all. Everything from selling reusable bottles through an commerce platform, to seamlessly integrating the app API for new Refill Station sign ups, to educating people on the harms of single use plastics and benefits of switching to tap water. We needed to design a website that did all these things well.

TheĀ Approach

We focused on keeping every part of the website functional and simple for the user to interact with. Whether a user is ordering a bottle, inputting shipping details, or setting up a profile for a new Refill Station, we considered the user experience on all devices. We optimized every interactive element to function and look its very best, regardless of the device and screen size used.

Launch Website

Client: Tap
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

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