The Challenge

King of Donair recently launched 2 new locations in Alberta. For the first time bringing the original east coast donair to western Canada. Until now, if you lived in Alberta and wanted an authentic east coast donair, you would typically have to travel to Halifax. But that was no longer the case, Albertans could now enjoy a true Halifax donair without going anywhere. King of Donair wanted to share this historic moment with as many Albertans as possible.

The Idea

Based on the insight that airline seat sale ads get some of the highest engagement on social media, we started a fake airline called DonAir. We ran ads on Facebook with an art direction that looked and felt like a seat sale ad, claiming people could “Experience Halifax for as low as $7 from Edmonton”. After clicking the ad and trying to book a flight on the website, we let Albertans know that DonAir was not a real airline, but they could experience Halifax from home in the form of a donair.

The prank reached over 700,000 Albertans and the ads received a click-through rate of 5.70% (over 9 times industry average). And those people who clicked the ad, really stuck around to enjoy the humorous content. The average session on was 5 minutes and 49 seconds. Overall the launch was a huge success and for the first 2 weeks both locations had an increase of 429% compared to normal sales volume.

Launch Website

Client: King of Donair
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

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