One Hundred Thousand

After a tough year for many in our community, there are still over 100,000 people in HRM in need of support. While that is a really big number, it can be hard for people to grasp the true scale of what that looks like. So using 100,000 randomly generated names we showed people just how big that number is. Each name represents one person in HRM lacking the safety, healthy food, housing stability, belonging, mental health support, or connection they need to live well. The campaign included a giant out of home banner that made headlines, a powerful video of a printer, and an impactful long scrolling website to drive donations.

“Massive banner shows scale of people in need of support in HRM”

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“There are 100,000 people in our community that need our help”

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  • Client: United Way Halifax
  • Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
  • Director of Strategy: Mike Postma