Bruno Identity

Bruno Identity

The Challenge

Bruno is a different kind of construction company, and they needed a brand that reflected that. They aren’t the type of company to be caught cat calling while doing work, or leaving a mess behind on the job site. Bruno is passionate about craftsmanship and partnering with talented architects to bring their visions to life.

The Approach

We wanted to build a brand that resonates with those architects looking for builders who can execute creative work. With the logo we wanted it to still feel very much like a construction company, but with a minimalist aesthetic. Really owning the yellow and black allowed us to make things really pop out in the real world while maintaining a cohesive colour palette among other things found on the job site like Dewalt Tools and Honey Huts.

Client: Bruno
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

Ice Awards Gold Ice Awards: Gold – OOH Campaign

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