Donair Cam

The Challenge

For nearly 10 years Nova Scotia Webcams has hosted live webcams of local landscapes. With more than 75 cameras across the province, they have been successful in building a solid audience. But more recently they hadn’t seen much growth. They needed to attract a new audience and get more people excited about Nova Scotia Webcams.

The Idea

We realized that beautiful scenery and landscapes can only attract so many viewers. So how could we make a webcam that everyone wanted to watch? After some digging we noticed there was a common trend with previous viral live streams—they were all pretty weird. Like a live stream of Shia Labeouf watching all of his movies, or a man live streaming his grass growing on his front lawn. It seemed the more strange and mundane a live stream sounded, the more shares it got.

In an effort to create a strange live webcam of our own, we created Donair Cam. A 24 hour live stream of donair meat. Not only was it weird and seemingly boring, Nova Scotians are crazy about donairs. The result? Loads of people watched it and shared it. Donair Cam was viewed in 159 Countries with a total watch time of 22 years and had earned over 47 million global impressions—all in the first week.

Client: Nova Scotia Webcams
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

Ice Awards Silver Ice Awards: Silver – Non-Traditional

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