Tap Identity

Tap Identity

The Challenge

Bottled water companies have spent millions of dollars on marketing. They’ve convinced customers that bottled is water fresher, cleaner, and overall just more desirable than tap water. Tap is hoping to build a brand that does the opposite and makes tap water cool again, while maintaining a high sense of quality.

The Approach

We wanted to build a brand and identity that resonates with people who care about the environment. From the app, to the website, to the packaging, we designed everything with one thing in mind: functionality. We took a very no frills approach because Tap is all about reducing waste and providing a reliable alternative to bottled water. Essentially, we are branding “water” and creating a simple, but functional, end-to-end experience that reflects that.

Client: Tap
Creative Director: Stephen Flynn
Director of Innovation: Mike Postma

Ice Awards Silver Ice Awards: Silver – Brand/Identity
Ice Awards Silver Ice Awards: Silver – Packaging

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